A Wounded Heart part two

After difficulties faced by the failure of my laptop (I had to go and purchase another), I have been able to get back on track with writing, and am more than halfway through the novel.  I reviewed some of the characters and decided some needed further development, and will add a few others.

Otherwise, I am happy with the results so far.  The connection between Sam, the World War II Marine and Korean War orphan Kathy Schneider worked out really well, and will come to the forefront of the story.  The trauma that Sam faced due to his war experience will parallel that of the orphan who doesn’t know who she is.  Sam is able to relate to her experience and help her toward healing through Jesus.   That will come full circle as Kathy and her family decide to return to Korea and help others like her.

In some ways, and this is what I want to bring out, Sam’s experience at Sugar Loaf Hill reflects his willingness to pull others out of danger, out of the harrowing experiences of life that wound us all.