The Locket

I got the release to publish my book, the Locket, so as soon as I have that proofread and readied, it will be available on Amazon/Kindle.

The Locket is about a young Christian girl, Ella Goodwin, who lives in central LA with her lawyer father and mother in 1918 when the Spanish flu epidemic hits.  Her family goes through tragedy, but she remains strong through her faith, through the Word, and the example of her faithful father, all the while holding on to a promise of love given to her many years before.

As a child, Ella and her friends went through a mock wedding, where she was married to the friend’s brother, David Prince.  David gives her a golden locket (in lieu of a wedding ring) with his picture which she holds on to throughout the years.  Ella comes to realize that she loves David, but is holding out for a marriage based on faith.

I’m really excited now because this was my first book, and I may have the opportunity to talk to church ladies about my writing also.

And, I am putting together an outline of my next novel, which will be set during the Revolutionary War period.


Shaking Off the Chains of Tyranny

I love the video “God in America” by Carman.  It shows the Christian roots of those that fought for us to be a free country.  In one line, Carman says they sited 27 biblical violations.

Though Great Britain saw itself as the ruler of the colonies, the colonists saw them as tyrants, abusing their authority over them, and abrogating their rights as Englishmen.  So the colonists did what they had to–they shook off the chains of tyranny.

God never intended that people in authority should abuse their power.  Yes it happened, because people tend to forget that God has eyes everywhere.

I’m working on the synopsis for a new novel about the American Revolution.  Anna Barton is a widow on the eve of the Revolution who is torn between two men.   Caleb Strong is a carpenter, who though not handsome, and seemingly ordinary, has a strong heart and a spiritual strength that belie his outward appearance.  Thomas Rockdale on the other hand, has a lot of assets: power, status, great looks, a strong physique and money.  Yet he is a domineering man, and in his heart everything Britain represents–the tyranny of abuse of authority.  He wants to marry Anna and make her a servile wife, but Anna resists his attempts to force his attentions on her.   He is a deceitful cad underneath it all.

The novel with deal with questions of authority, love, the power of the Spirit, and biblical ideas of marriage.

A Wounded Heart–last chapter

I only have five to ten more pages to write, and the first draft of A Wounded Heart will be complete.  I really slammed through it tonight but the last chapter turned out really well.  I am thrilled.  It has been a long process, but it’s nearly complete.

Once I have the editing process complete, which should take me about a week to week and a half, I will put it up for sale on Amazon/Kindle.


Finishing up

I am working tonight and tomorrow diligently to finish up the 9th and 10th chapters of A Wounded Heart.  Then I’ll start the editing process.  This is like having a baby;  I love the idea of birthing it, but I so want to get it done.  🙂

Then I’m working on the 2nd chapter of a non-fiction book and we will see how that goes.  In the meantime, I’ll be fleshing out the synopsis to a novel on the American Revolution.  The heroine is a widow with two young children who supports herself as a seamstress and has to decided whether she wants to remarry.  A carpenter who lives nearby wants to marry her, but she is unsure about him.   I know this goes against the grain, but I’ve decided to make the hero not handsome.  He isn’t ugly, but he is not romantic looking.    As Christians, I feel we put too much emphasis on the externals, and I feel the hero will be a great man, just not the typical hero.


Wrapping up A Wounded Heart, new novel idea

I am working this weekend on wrapping up the first draft of A Wounded Heart.  I truly think God wanted to show me that good things have to be worked for, as this novel has required discipline.  Not that it isn’t a good story because it is.  But between me losing my first laptop and then rewrites, I seemed to lose my momentum.

But I’m back on track and working on the 9th and 10th chapters, which I already have outlined.   Then the revision process will begin.

I already have an idea for my next novel which will be set in the period immediately before the American Revolution.  Anna Barton is a widow, having lost her husband to his bad habits.  He was an alcoholic, and he could never seem to get on track with things.   She is left to support herself as a seamstress in the small community she lives in in Massachusetts.    Caleb Martin is an unmarried, but successful carpenter who lives near her and is interested in marrying her, but she is unsure about him.   She must fight her own loneliness to determine what God really wants for her, and whether Caleb is the answer to her prayers.    No title as yet.

Nearing completion

Well, I’m nearly at the end of chapter eight, so I have only two more chapters to write on A Wounded Heart.  I’ve really had to persevere on this one, unlike the last two novels, but I guess sometimes it will be like that.

Anything worthwhile comes from perseverance.   I have the remainder of the story outlined and hope to get more work done on it by this weekend.  The past week was particularly hectic, with getting my storage unit cleaned out, downsized and moved to a new location.  And then my son was having the house cleaned for landlord inspection.  But, with those done, I can get back to my novel writing and keep at it.

I’ve also been doing some writing online about biblical marriage, which has been really inspiring.  God has been using it to get me to study topics on His love for HIs people among other thing.  AGAPE.  That’s what it is all about, keeping the love of Jesus in our hearts.  Love is the fulfillment of the Law.   Everything in the Bible flows from that.