Wrapping up A Wounded Heart, new novel idea

I am working this weekend on wrapping up the first draft of A Wounded Heart.  I truly think God wanted to show me that good things have to be worked for, as this novel has required discipline.  Not that it isn’t a good story because it is.  But between me losing my first laptop and then rewrites, I seemed to lose my momentum.

But I’m back on track and working on the 9th and 10th chapters, which I already have outlined.   Then the revision process will begin.

I already have an idea for my next novel which will be set in the period immediately before the American Revolution.  Anna Barton is a widow, having lost her husband to his bad habits.  He was an alcoholic, and he could never seem to get on track with things.   She is left to support herself as a seamstress in the small community she lives in in Massachusetts.    Caleb Martin is an unmarried, but successful carpenter who lives near her and is interested in marrying her, but she is unsure about him.   She must fight her own loneliness to determine what God really wants for her, and whether Caleb is the answer to her prayers.    No title as yet.


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