Shaking Off the Chains of Tyranny

I love the video “God in America” by Carman.  It shows the Christian roots of those that fought for us to be a free country.  In one line, Carman says they sited 27 biblical violations.

Though Great Britain saw itself as the ruler of the colonies, the colonists saw them as tyrants, abusing their authority over them, and abrogating their rights as Englishmen.  So the colonists did what they had to–they shook off the chains of tyranny.

God never intended that people in authority should abuse their power.  Yes it happened, because people tend to forget that God has eyes everywhere.

I’m working on the synopsis for a new novel about the American Revolution.  Anna Barton is a widow on the eve of the Revolution who is torn between two men.   Caleb Strong is a carpenter, who though not handsome, and seemingly ordinary, has a strong heart and a spiritual strength that belie his outward appearance.  Thomas Rockdale on the other hand, has a lot of assets: power, status, great looks, a strong physique and money.  Yet he is a domineering man, and in his heart everything Britain represents–the tyranny of abuse of authority.  He wants to marry Anna and make her a servile wife, but Anna resists his attempts to force his attentions on her.   He is a deceitful cad underneath it all.

The novel with deal with questions of authority, love, the power of the Spirit, and biblical ideas of marriage.

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