The Locket

I got the release to publish my book, the Locket, so as soon as I have that proofread and readied, it will be available on Amazon/Kindle.

The Locket is about a young Christian girl, Ella Goodwin, who lives in central LA with her lawyer father and mother in 1918 when the Spanish flu epidemic hits.  Her family goes through tragedy, but she remains strong through her faith, through the Word, and the example of her faithful father, all the while holding on to a promise of love given to her many years before.

As a child, Ella and her friends went through a mock wedding, where she was married to the friend’s brother, David Prince.  David gives her a golden locket (in lieu of a wedding ring) with his picture which she holds on to throughout the years.  Ella comes to realize that she loves David, but is holding out for a marriage based on faith.

I’m really excited now because this was my first book, and I may have the opportunity to talk to church ladies about my writing also.

And, I am putting together an outline of my next novel, which will be set during the Revolutionary War period.



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