Book ideas

I bought me a journal because I think it would be good for me to keep track of various ideas I have for future books.  I do not know about other writers, but I’ve come to be juggling several ideas at once.

Here are some are am currently considering:

  • Sequel to A Wounded Heart set in 1963, with Rick Sartori, the former hoodlum trying to convert hoodlums in Highland Park, with a subtheme of Sam Treadwell (I just can’t let go of him) working with veterans who have traumatic experiences related to the War (these days, we would call it PTSD).
  • Liberty’s Promise, set in 1774-75 with the overall theme of liberty vs. tyranny.  Mentioned in other blogs.
  • A children’s book, promised to my grandson, based on King Josiah and how he served God at 8 years old.
  • For a couple of years now I’ve been trying to work on an updating of Ruth and Boaz set during the Civil War called The Other Side of the River.
  • A Sword for Robert, set in medieval Scotland.  Robert is a Scottish noblemans child who is kidnapped by his mother.  She attempts to take him to Ireland, but he is then kidnapped by Vikings and he ends up in a circuit of Scandinavia, the Byzantine Court and the Holy Land, where he finds his father who is there on the Crusade.  All the while, he has a grandmother back in Scotland praying for him.

I love “what if” stories.  A couple of my novels are “what ifs” related to people I’ve known and what their story would look like if they had encountered Jesus in their lives.


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