Caleb Had Another Spirit

I am sidelining my project Heroes for the meantime as another project has taken centerfield.  I began to write a children’s book for a friend’s son, and the subject matter has ministered to me greatly.

The person of Caleb in the Bible represents a spirit of faith that God is able to deliver on His promises.  Moses sent out spies to survey the land of Canaan and among them was an adopted son, Caleb, son of Jephunneh, the Kenizite.  The spies returned with a bad report except for Caleb and Joshua, who followed and believed God for all that He had promised to them.

I am working on this through the weekend and then next week will be doing some extended prayer and fasting.  Once the New Year’s begins, I will work on it.  Hoping I have all the text complete by the 2nd week, and then will be working on some illustrations.  Praying that the Lord will use this book to minister to others.

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