Preview of Caleb Had Another Spirit

For you as a young person learning about the life of Caleb and how it could apply to your own life with Jesus, it’s important to realize that Caleb was not born a Jew, a Hebrew. He was born into the family of Kenaz, who was outside of the people of God.
We do not know how or why Caleb was adopted into the tribe of Judah. Perhaps he was a young person left an orphan by war. Perhaps he saw the Hebrew people, and like other outsiders, saw something about them that made him want to be one of them.
This is just like living for God. Even if you are born into the church, at some point you have to receive God’s Spirit and become “adopted” by Jesus through the Holy Ghost, becoming a part of His people. The Bible tells us that we were strangers to His people, but we were adopted and are now are part of the people of God.
Perhaps like Caleb, if you were born outside the church, you saw people who lived for God and wanted to be like them, people who knew Jesus and showed you that being a part of the church, and having Jesus was a better life than what you had known.
If you were born in the church, it’s important to realize that there will come a day when you will need to serve God on your own. Even as a young person, you can serve God through prayer and through worship. I’ve seen young boys who love to run and worship God. God sees that, and will build you up one day to a greater service for Him. Keep worshipping!
And even young children can pray. I have seen children as young as three praying at the altar. The Spirit of God can do powerful things through the prayer and worship of children, because they have an open heart toward Him.
As a member of the church, you will experience your own adoption by Jesus Christ when you receive the Holy Ghost, His spirit within you. And as a member of the family of God, you need to let your light shine so that others also can be adopted. Don’t ever feel that just because you are a child, you can’t do something for God.
Caleb was chosen by God’s prophet. He was chosen for a particular purpose, to give a report on what he saw in the land. What do you see in your life that you can tell people about? Do you have a good mom and good dad that live for God and give you a godly life? Perhaps you only have one parent—that’s ok! If you have a parent who sets you a good example and teaches you about living for Jesus, that is the best thing you could have!
Perhaps God has given you a lot of blessings. Perhaps unlike children outside of church, you have things they do not. You can share your blessings, even if it is just your friendship, your kindness and caring to others, that can touch others and make them want to be a Christian.
Perhaps you have talents, even as a young person, that would be of help to others. Young people have done great things, from lemonade stands to doing things for older people. Just being an example of courtesy and kindness can help people. Young boys, opening doors for people at church, get your pastor or song leader water, offer to do some task for someone. These things are all ways that you can “give a good report” of what being a Christian and being in the church is about.
The most important thing though about giving a good report is telling people about Jesus. I knew a young girl once that would tell people as they went to the supermarket that they needed Jesus in their lives. Believe me, that can be a powerful thing when it comes from a child. Don’t ever be afraid or think just because you are a kid that people won’t listen to you.
Maybe you can say a prayer for a friend at school or a family friend. God hears the prayers of children, and don’t think because you are young that God does not hear you!
Caleb was chosen by Moses to go out and his spirit was to follow God with his whole heart. Because of that, he came back with a good report that they were able to do what God had promised and called them to do.
Set your heart to follow God with your whole being. The first and greatest commandment is to follow God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. God wants your heart, He wants your love from your very soul, and He wants your thoughts. Always try to think on good things and not bad things. Think on the things you have heard in Sunday School, in church service. Think on the songs that have been played. Think on other ways God has shown He is real to you. When you fill your thoughts with these things, it will build you up in your faith. Yes, a young person can have faith, and just like a grown-up, you have to build it up so that you can be a son or daughter of God.
Caleb was chosen, even though he was not born into the family of God. If you were not born in church, but you are now, you can also be chosen by God to do things for Him. I have seen leaders, pastors and pastor’s wives, ministers, teachers and worship leaders that were not born in the church who started out as children. Perhaps a friend brought them to church, perhaps they rode the church bus, perhaps their parents were saved after they were born. It doesn’t matter how you got there, but if you are in church now, God chose you to be a part of His church.
Every member of the church was chosen by God to be there. The Bible tells us that God puts people in the body, that is the church, as it pleases him. Imagine a puzzle, and one piece is missing. The puzzle then isn’t complete even if one piece is missing. So each person who is in the church plays a vital part to the whole. You are part of that picture, and so you, even as a child, play your part, whether it is worship, prayer, helping others, giving a good report of what being a Christian is all about or supporting your mom and dad.

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