Caleb–nearing completion

I’ve been out of things for a couple of months with prayer and fasting.  I am now leading two prayer groups at church which has been consuming my attention.

I have completed the first draft of Caleb Had Another Spirit and am in the 7th chapter with the 2nd edit.  My next step will be to go chapter by chapter to ensure inner flow.  Once that is done, I will be performing a final edit and a proofread.  I am also going to wait for illustrations, which will be one per chapter.

My goal is to have the text editing process done by mid-May and then will publish once illustrations are complete.

I will begin writing on my Josiah children’s book and and am looking at a couple of possibilities for my next fiction work.    I will probably go back to my Highland Park series and write on A Two Edged Blade, about hoodlum-turned-Christian Rick Sartoro who works to convert gang members in his central LA neighborhood with Sam Treadwell as a minor character working with World War II veterans.

The book Heroes regarding Vietnam Vets is still on the back burner pending more research.