Caleb Had Another Spirit–progress and future work

I am very happy that I have completed textual work on my children’s book Caleb Had Another Spirit.  The book’s publication is waiting for illustrations to be complete and then it will be published and available through Amazon/Kindle.

I am currently working on an outline for my new Christian ficiton, The Cedar Box, and have completed the outline for another children’s book, Josiah the Young King, which I will work on this coming weekend.  I am very excited, because I hope to have both of these written by summer’s end, and that will make my 7th book.

I am praying that my books will gain new exposure and will begin to sell.  I have given copies to friends in Northern California.  I do know God has a purpose in my writing and has even assisted me in it.  Caleb was largely inspired by various preachers who have come to my church in Carson City, Nevada.  I may seek local exposure soon also.

Pamela Parizo

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